Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

The Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation (HTEDC) operates on the behalf of the Hopi people to bring economic development opportunities that make a difference.

HTEDC is located off the Hopi reservation, offices are located at the Continental Plaza in Flagstaff, AZ. HTEDC is a Federally Charted Corporation, which the Hopi Tribe is the sole shareholder. HTEDC consists of six diverse establishments that are located on Second Mesa Sedona, Flagstaff, and Payson. The HTEDC continues to cultivate in the economic development for the Hopi Tribe.

Our Mission


Create and harness an economic environment that will blossom, by securing resources, and providing the guidance and training that allows Hopi Tribe members to prosper and preserve their homeland and culture.

Our Core Values

At the heart of every move the HTEDC holds the Core Values of the corporation. We strive to keep these values in mind as we are operating our everyday business and looking forward to future ventures:

Trust  •  Integrity  •  Creativity & Innovation  •  Accountability Respect  •  Ensure that the Hopi’s money is spent mindfully

Board of Directors

Gene Kuwanquaftewa

Board Chairman

Edison Tu’tsi

Vice Chairman

David Newlin

Board Member


Board Member

Nicole Johnson

Board Member

Jerry Lane

Board Member

Joseph Yuhas

Board Member

Entity Management

Lamar Keevama

Hopi Cultural Center, General Manager info@hopiculturalcenter.com

Teresa Sherwood

Muyawki Inn, General Manager frontdesk@muyawkiinn.com

Mike Hutchins & Tammy Cupp

Flagstaff Properties, Property Managers info@sterlingrem.com