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Taawaki Inn a unique 2-story, 44 room hotel located in Clarkdale, Arizona.  Owned by the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation, a modern hotel that will feature a cultural aspect along with an educational element for guests to experience. Tawwaki Inn will be a design of a Hopi home, with white-washed color on the exterior of the hotel, and native plants from the region that will be placed around the property to have a natural blend to the environment.

As you enter the hotel, traditional Hopi music will be playing in the lobby, and around the interior of the hotel, traditional artwork will be displayed throughout, and into the rooms. You will see a variety of Hopi artists’ artwork of Kachina dolls, plaques, baskets, hand-made pottery, woven belts, paintings, murals, and a stained-glass Sun Kachina, located above the main entrance into the hotel.  Taawaki Inn will offer activities for guests to come and enjoy, along with learning about the Hopi culture. With the unique and modern design of the hotel, Taawaki Inn will have amenities of a conference room, gallery, gift shop, fitness center, and a cafe.

The 33,000 square footage hotel will have representation of the Hopi culture, to share with guests who come to experience the uniqueness of the establishment. Taawaki Inn will be the first hotel constructed off the Hopi reservation. A milestone for the Hopi people, and for the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation to set new ground for the tribe. Located at the entrance to Tuzigoot National Monument, and above the Verde River. Within a two-minute drive to the Verde Canyon Railroad, a 12-minute drive to Jerome, AZ, 33-minute drive to Montezuma’s Castle, and a  35-minute drive to Sedona, AZ.

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Hopi Cultural Center

In the Center of the Hopi Reservation, encompassing approximately 1.5 million acres with 3 mesas rising up 7,200 feet, this straightforward motel is a 10-minute drive from the historic Walpi Village (First Mesa), known for their fine Hopi pottery and Kachina Dolls.

The Hopi Cultural Center offers an on-site restaurant which serves American and Traditional Hopi food.  Within the restaurant there is a gift shop that sells handmade Hopi arts and crafts to purchase for souvenirs.

Another amenity that the Hopi Cultural Center offers are your Standard and Suite rooms for your night stay. The rooms feature cable TV, coffeemakers and dining/work tables.

If you need space to hold a meeting, the Hopi Cultural Center can accommodate up to 30 people, in their conference room.

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Flagstaff Properties

Sterling Real Estate Management in Flagstaff provides property management for the HTEDC commercial properties located in Flagstaff.

Heritage Square
Located in the heart of downtown Flagstaff on Aspen Street between Leroux & San Francisco Streets. Heritage Square features 15,000 sq. ft. rentable with an underground parking garage with 62 spaces.

Continental Plaza
On the East side of I-40 on Country Club drive, this plaza features four buildings comprising the nearly 61,000 sq. ft. of rental space; this is also the headquarters of the Hopi Tribe Economic Development Corporation

Kachina Square
Located just off Route 66 on Steves Boulevard, Kachina Square boasts 56,000 sq. ft. of rentable space

Walpi Housing

A modern 74 Unit Apartment Complex, which is managed by HTEDC, is located near the historic village of Walpi on the Hopi Reservation.

This complex provides housing for the Hopi People, Hopi Medical Center and other Hopi Businesses Professionals.

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